– An over view of the “Seven Point Attack Plan” is necessary here to enable us put into perspective our desired goal as we progress through the seven stages, these goals are in line with traditional military warfare best practices which will include the following.
Harrassing the enemy
Containning the enemy
Demobilizing the enemy
Disintergrating the concerted efforts of the enemy
Crushing or Putting the enemy to route
Mopping up the battle ground
Reorganizing and establishing on the former battle ground.

The ultimate goal of the praying child of God should not be to harass, contain, demobilize or even disintegrate the forces of the enemy for a while, but to permanently crush the enemy or send the enemy away for good; mop up any sign of the enemy in and around the battle ground and establish the perfect will of God in the former battle ground. Remember that this battle ground is your life. This however is not easy because of the enemy’s capability to reinforce.

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