7FAP – Seven Fronts Attack Plan” is my pet name for “The Glorious Church Prayer Pattern” because of its uniqueness of covering all aspects of a functional prayer life. It takes off with due appreciation (Appreciation) to God the Father, God the Son and God The Holy Spirit, in a journey of sincere worship and praises and eulogies; to the Holy Trinity. During the confession of sins (Confession), one is expected to enumerate sins one by one while kneeling down. You are then required to take a stand against the devil and for God in breaking agreements (Covenant Breaking) that may be binding you to the devil, making you a legal captive. Which requires that you cancel all curses (Cancellation of Curses) attached to those agreements and then proceed in physical spiritual battle (Warfare) to destroy spiritual structures and battles formations against you and your interests. After mop up, there is the need of show joy and gratitude for spirituals battles won through the Holy Spirit (Victory Parade). You then go on your knees again to ask for what you want (Asking) from your Father who is in heaven. See SEVEN FRONTS ATTACK PLAN EXPLAINED

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