Welcome to my website You can call me "daddysamuel". We can have some pleasurable and rewarding moments together, we can talk about ourselves in LETSTALK, sing together in LETSSING and pray together in LETSPRAY, God bless you as you look around.

There is music in every soul looking for an opportunity to be heard. No start point is better than to sing the praise of the ALMIGHTY GOD. LETSSING gives you the avenue to start singing in any language and translate or interpret into at least two other languages, one of which should be a generally understood language. I have also listed some of the songs that has given me so much inspiration in, Singing The Songs Of Life, (SSL), Singing The Songs Of God, (SOG), Singing The Songs Of Joy, (SOJ) and Sundry Songs which is a collection of songs from any part of the whole universe that I can remember. You see I just love songs and singing, with or without instrumentation. One-Minute-Choruses is a collection of some of the songs that has been formed in my heart and uttered between my own lips. So, Please, Sing With Me.

ON LET'S PRAY To Pray is to ask, petition, solicit, request, humbly beg, entreat, demand, request, even command and etc. To Pray is to ask, petition, solicit, request, humbly beg, entreat, demand, request, even command and etc. We are concerned in LETSPRAY with not asking. Not only asking, because,. Today, we cry, wail, do penance, and all other forms of prayer as Paul said in (Eph 6:8) We shall have the privilege to examine various prayers in the Holy Bible, their reasons, contents and other visible attributes. Here we shall rely on the the Spirit of God to mercifully guide us unto those issues and interpretations that shall be uniquely beneficial to our individual needs. "The Seven Fronts Attack Plan" which is the ultimate in prayer patterns today shall be examined, with the hope and prayer that readers will adopt the principle and practice because of the innumerable benefits that accrue there from.. Be blessed as you pray your way to all round victory. In Jesus Name. Amen. NOTE ON PRAYERS Please note that these prayer points discussed in this section were given to me personally and at various times. They are therefore not to be memorized and repeated blindly. For as the saying goes, ‘As our faces are different, so are our problems’. The prayer points are to be studied and prayed about, asking the Holy Spirit to give you prayer points that are relevant to your unique situations from time to time. The prayer pattern as given to the Glorious Church and contained in the prayer book (DELIVERANCE PRAYER PATTERN FOR NEW COMERS) remains the authentic prayer pattern of the Glorious Church for enquirers.

We hope to hear you talk about yourself. Your life experiences that has lessons for others, about life ventures in relationships, be it physical, spiritual, ethical, financial, academics, you name them, without passing bulks, but leaving the reader to judge as best his/her interpretation of your content..